Meet The "Dynamic Duo"

Meet The "Dynamic Duo"
John Kuzmich, Jr. Ph.D. & Paul Lukasiewicz

Friday, August 2, 2013

Customized Interactive Collaboration Instructonal Workshop

Interactive collaboration connectivity is an essential component of all of our music technology workshops.    Paul and John offer two modes for on-line Cloud collaboration for quick feedback and assessments.
  • WordPress with a designated username and password secure link at:
  • Goggle Docs with designated melody and Cloud applications: with word processing, spreadsheet and PowerPoint clones.
Daily lesson plan assignments can be uploaded here daily.  This page is password protected for privacy.  By the end of the week, this page will be invaluable.

Note:  this web posting will also be offered at GoogleDocs to give students a better perspective of which interactive Cloud tool is more valuable.  GoogleDocs can be assessed by going to and signing in with designated user name. 

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